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 Server Rules !!!

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PostSubject: Server Rules !!!   Wed May 05, 2010 8:37 am

Dark Hell RO Server Rules

Note: all punishments will depend on the severity and type of violation. Game Masters will decide the punishment depending on the act, and make it as fair as possible.

Advertising: Advertising other RO servers, is not allowed. Advertising websites that lead to other games/adult material sites, is not allowed. Advertising other online games, is not allowed. Due to that fact that you are advertising them, can/may lead to us losing players, and we don't want that. So to avoid any issues such as "player stealing". We ask you not to advertise other Online games/RO servers/Harmful websites. Although this would fall under common sense, it has comes to our attention that common sense is so rare, it may as well be considered a super power.

General: Players are not to argue with the Game Masters/Admins when they are receiving punishment. Arguing or trying to debate the violation an individual broke, may result in a more serve punishment. Players are responsible for their own actions. Do not provoke other players to break any rules. If caught, all involved shall receive punishment equal to their violation.
Before you report someone, please make sure they are actually breaking a rule. Individual player quarrels and drama is to be dealt with by the individuals. Unless it's turning into bullying or harassment, we will require evidence. Players understanding one another and working things out between themselves, can save a GM getting involved. Also, please refrain from Mentioning/Advertising other servers. If you do not follow this rule, punishment shall be handed out.

Profanity: Players are to avoid insulting one another in general. The use of Profanity/Abusive language is not acceptable. Please treat others how you yourself would want to be treated.

Hacking/Account Sharing: Players are responsible for their own accounts. But to avoid any hacking or loss of accounts and items, Never, ever give out your account information. A Game Master will never ask for your account information no matter what. Players who ask for your account information are to be reported immediately. (Please provide a screen shot as well for evidence.) Hacking an account is not actually possible, people mistake ''hacking'' because those who suffer from it have shared account information. Please refrain from account sharing. If you are caught, you could be looking at an account ban. This rule is for the safety of our players and their accounts.

Harassment: Harassment is by no means acceptable on OldSchoolRO. Harassment includes any and all actions that are intended to destroy a players enjoyment of the server. This ranges from constantly bothering a player, following them around, sitting on them constantly, name calling, and KS'ing. If a player reports an individual for this (With evidence provided) Action shall be take immediately.

Botting: Use of 3rd party programs that enhance or automate game play are strictly prohibited.

For more detailed Abuses and corresponding punishments, please refer to the Types Of Abuses Section .
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Server Rules !!!
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